Thank you for the reply to my inquiry about X-Fe. I purchased a bottle of X-Fe Forte from Burdekin Growers and I am very happy to tell you that the product successfully removed the bad rust stain from my driveway. It was easy to use and effective on even the very bad rust stain. I must tell you I have tried just about everything before finding your product on Google ... CLR, bleach, chlorine, vinegar and bicarb ... none of them worked at all. I am very happy with your product.

Thanks so much,

Dear John,
Thank you for supplying me with a bottle of X-Fe last week. It's not every woman's dream to clean toilets, however, it is one of our primary functions in a household and X-Fe makes my toilets sparkle again. Now, if only I could get the kids to flush!

We can now offer beverages to our visitors again as I don't have to cringe at the state of my toilets when they require the need of a private moment.

JR Cleaning supplies in Whangarei phoned this morning to inform me they have X-Fe and X-Fe Forte in stock. Word must have got around that I was in desperate need of your product. Not good gossip in a small community like ours.

On a serious note, thank you for X-Fe and to all the people who produce and sell it. It has made my job of cleaning the house and toilets much easier. X-Fe takes away that horrible dirty, brown appearance that bore water stains leave and it is all done within minutes of its application. It really is a wonderful product.

Monique McKenzie,
Whangarei NZ.

Toilet before X-Fe treatment

Toilet after X-Fe treatment