The Benefits of Using X-Fe & X-Fe Forte

  • The time spent on trying to remove iron and rust stains is excessive - so much so that only half a job is done or no attempt is made at all!
  • With the advent of X-Fe the removal of the stains need not be a special job. It can be incorporated into a regular cleaning programme.
  • It is not necessary to use X-Fe every day, after the initial removal of the stain X-Fe needs only to be applied when the stain reappears.
  • The benefits of using X-Fe are many - it is a user-friendly product with a pleasant aroma, no astringent fumes, completely biodegradable and very cost effective.
  • X-Fe is well accepted by people who use it. They are amazed that X-Fe is so easy to use, no hard scrubbing is needed and it can be used on any surface.
  • X-Fe & X-Fe Forte are manufactured in Australia by an Australian Company.